Dickie Try's the 'Bullying' Technique

'Dickie the Chair' of Hegarty & Co Solicitors in Peterborough and Stamford has tried to shut down this website by putting pressure on the Hosting Company. As you know 'Dickie' is the Law Society's Chair of the Compliance Board so we now know these people don't like their cages being rattled.


Martin Bloom, an employment partner at Peterborough based Hegarty LLP Solicitors, was delighted to see the first copy of his recently published book entitled 'The Independent Guide to Bullying and Stress in the Workplace'.

The book also contains useful policies on stress, equal opportunities and bullying....

Under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
You have the right to freedom of speech or expression and to voice your complaint!
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If you have a problem concerning a complaint it might help if you write to 'Dickie' the Chair of the Compliance Board (Rules Enforcer), 'King Richard's' opinion is that he will respond and Aman Virk, Manager, Quality & Services Standards at the Law Society, will tell you 'Dickie' regularly rings "disgruntled complainants" in the evenings to "discuss Law Society business" don't bother giving him a 'phone number he has access to all your personal details. 'Dickie' is, at heart, a 'gentle-man' although at times he acts like a 'Bull in a China Shop' but that is only because of his 'enthusiasm' to help and give advice to "disgruntled complainants".

Write to 'Dickie' at: - The Chair of the Compliance Board

C/o Hegarty & CO Solicitors
48 Broadway

May be you should consider ringing him: -
Tel: 01733 346333 Fax: 01733 562338

If not try an e-mail: mail@hegarty.co.uk and 'Dickie' might 'phone you that evening