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First lets us look at the most accurate discription by the Law Society's chief executive,
Desmond Hudson, he has stated that
"fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and that the
need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important".
Desmond Hudson, Law Society Chief Executive - 23 March 2011 09:49

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Thomas Boyd Whyte . Bexleyheath
Gordon Luckhurst Senior Partner Guilty of Professional Misconduct

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Gordon Luckhurst, the Senior Partner responsible for the overseeing of my case, was very aware how bad I had been treated by Thos Boyd Whyte’s Solicitors. First he wouldn’t see me to discuss my dissatisfaction as he had no excuses, second he offered me £7,500 of my expenses back, plus £1,500 compensation in trying to persuade me not to continue my complaint with the OSS now the CCS.

If you read the Breach aand misconduct rule it states "A solicitor who fails to honour an undertaking is prima facie guilty of professional misconduct".
On the Law Society website under the heading 'Supporting Solicitors' (this page has disappeared so have redirected to the nearest) it states "Practice Rule 15 provides that solicitors shall operate a complaints handling procedure…" which is an "undertaking" covered by the Client Care Agreement letter your solicitors sends to you at the start of business which assures you that there is a Senior Partner you can make any complaint to personally, in my case the Client Care Agreement named the Senior Partner, Gordon Luckhurst.

On 7 March 2002 Gordon Luckhurst actually wrote a letter to a Ms S Hicks, Client Relation Officer at the Law Society, admitting he was guilty of 'Professional Misconduct' which "Consequently, the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors will expect its implementation as a matter of conduct", what happened? The Law Society and Zahida Manzoor the LSO at the time covered his arse then in 1999 along came Adam Sampson who also lied to me.
Oh…what happened to 'Adam the Ant'…he got caught with his hand in the Till and was Sacked… Oh dear I got that wrong…he was "suspended with notice" giving time to 'resign'… more 'arse' covering.

If you look at these documents: -
1 ) 8 Feb 1994 - This Attendance Note shows I gave urgent instructions to start proceedings, for two years I was led to believe summonses had been served but this was a lie. Margaret Dunton a Senior Partner at Thos Boyd Whyte took over my litigation and promised to get things moving, yet another load of crap and I would then have to send a registered letter a further year down the line that we were running out of time before summonses were issue (now 3 years later). We received a reply from the Defendants solicitors and despite Sandra Durrant, the only Solicitor at Thos Boyd Whyte's worth an ounce of shit, writing in a letter that "it is better to deal with solicitors than the Defendants themselves" Thos Boyd Whyte lost contact with the defendants and their solicitors.

( 2 ) 7 Jan 1999 - This Attendance Note written 5 years later by my solicitor, Sandra Durrant, shows I had wrote a letter of complaint which was read by Gordon Luckhurst who dicides to "take no action upon it", Sandra states "Mr Gray is not a happy man and requested a meeting with you". The requesting of a meeting comes under "Solicitors Practice Rule 15" and an "undertaking" given to me by Gordon Luckhurst in the Client Care Agreement???

( 3 ) 10 Feb 1999 - For over a month Gordon luckhurst has been ignoring my request to see him and I have refused to pay any more money until he honours the Client Care Agreement which I believe was a reasonable action to take. My Solicitor Sandra Durrant (highlighted yellow) believed I "had not been well served by her pre-decesors at TBW" and states I would have a right to compensation at the end of the day.

( 4 ) - After a meeting had been arranged this hand written Attendance Note shows Gordon Luckhurst failed to turn up for a pre-arranged meeting and sent Margaret Dunton (MVD) a solicitor I was complaining about who according to a court document left the firm two years previously. Third from top paragraph shows I had contacted the CCS for help and advise, but we know where that got me (sacked). The bottom paragraph shows I referred to Practice Rule 15 and if you read the P.S. the answer is to 'sack me'. Being 'Sacked' because I dared to complain!

( 5 ) - Gordon Luckhurst sent me this letter why he wasn't at the meeting with "Miss Dunton" however arrangement were for Gordon Luckhurst, Goeff Smith, Senior Litigation Solicitor, and Miss Dunton would be allowed to sit-in as she was part of my complaint which was probably unethical. An identical scenario where the Solicitor that was being complained about took the meeting of complaint was commented on by Zahida Manzoor and her words "I had one ludicrous example recently" and "This kind of thing has just got to change". I suppose that comment is called 'Window Dressing' because in my case she did absolutely nothing.

It is clear Thos Boyd Whyte did not have a functioning "...complaints handling procedure…" (Practice Rule 15). The Client Care letter I received from TBW said Gordon Luckhurst was the Senior Partner that if I was not happy with how my litigation was being handled I could refer it to him this being a clear "undertaking" by him, he ignored my letters of complaint, he did not turn up for a meeting then twice more refused to see me. let me again quote rule 18.02 "A solicitor who fails to honour an undertaking is prima facie guilty of professional misconduct".

( 6 ) - This Attendance Note was written by my new raw Assistant Solicitor newly assigned to my case who was given the task of finding reasons to sack me, however this Attendance Note shows just how bad my affairs were being handled. As can be seen the suggestion of 'negligence' by Thos Boyd Whyte is suggested by my new raw Assistant Solicitor and not me, at this meeting there was a second Solicitor present to act as a witness, don't that tell you something.

( 7 ) 7 June 2000 - I was sacked as a paying client by Thos Boyd Whyte because I had sent a complaint to the CCS which the CCS had advised me to make. - The CCS then gave details from this complaint file to my new raw Assistant Solicitor over the telephone which at the time the complaint had not come under an investigation. - The Law Society Ethics Committee advise TBW there was a Conflict of Interests and I should be sacked for making a complaint which was made on the Law Society's advice and King Richard, The Information Commissioner, said this was in order.

At this point let us look at part of Breach and misconduct Rule;
4. The giver cannot unilaterally withdraw from an undertaking once the recipient has placed reliance on it.
5. The OSS has no power to order the release of a solicitor from the terms of an undertaking. This is a matter for the Court, or the person entitled to the benefit of the undertaking

As TBW had in the Client Care Agreement letter given an "undertaking" they "cannot unilaterally withdraw from an undertaking once the recipient has placed reliance on it" and it appears "This is a matter for the Court, or the person entitled to the benefit of the undertaking". It is clear Thos Boyd Whyte and the Law Society colluded on an illegally act and Zahida Manzoor knew this. - The law was violated by the solicitors, the Law Society 'Aid and Abetted' them and the 'Bee's Knees' of 'the Complaints World' covered it all up.

( 8 ) 21 May 2003 This part of a letter I wrote to Zahida Manzoor refers to my sacking by TBW and she said "if they had a good reason to do so" and I respond with "they cannot have a 'good reason' unless they have abided by the 'Client Care' Agreement". From this letter ZM knew TBW had acted illegally it also shows she even lied in saying Gordon Luckhurst's failure to honour the Client Care Agreement had been dealt with. What a 'lying toe rag' this woman is.

( 9 ) - A letter Gordon Luckhurst wrote to the CCS clearly admits his Professional Misconduct "I do fully appreciate Mr Gray's complaint was not dealt with appropriately". - He states "...the firm have adopted procedures... I sincerely hope will prevent a similar incedent occuring in the future". - It's a bit late to bolt the door after the horse has bolted! What does the 'Rule Book' say "solicitors shall operate a complaints handling procedure…" - I wonder what Zahida Manzoor meant when she gave an 'undertaking' in Parliament about giving 'training to firms of solicitors' who fall short of the mark??

As we know the Consumers Complaints Service (CCS) did not comply with the Law Society's own rules and Chuckling Charlie's favourite, Godfather of the Legal Mafia Protection Racket, Zahida Manzoor who doesn't know 'Her Arse from her Elbow' protected the CCS, Gordon Luckhurst and Thos Boyd Whyte Solicitors. Just what hope is there for solicitors clients who find their solicitors have fail to honour their 'undertaking'?

When you refer a complaint with indisputable evidence to this 'God's Gift' and her 'Jolly Band' of helpers of the 'Final Solution' you think, even expect, that there will be some fairness in the process you don't expect the Legal Services Ombudsman, Zahida Manzoor, to conspire with the Consumers Complaints Service to protect solicitors by ignoring the rule book and go to the extreme of lying, she even lied in Parliament about enforcing Practice Rule 15 and giving training to solicitors who don't have a complaints procedure in place.

What a 'Stitch-Up' and see just how many of this 'Noble Elite Mafia' know about it.
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